We’ve been here before. We’ll be here tomorrow.

No matter the size of the order – from 500ml  to 1000+L – we promise that our focus on quality, consistency and traceability will never change.


We're here for the long haul.

We believe that long-term success in the CBD industry requires adaptability and consistency in the face of constantly evolving products and markets. As the industry changes at an alarming rate, we will remain a nimble catalyst for innovative products and business approaches derived from our deep agricultural roots.

In it for the long haul

Three generations of farming know-how.

Alan Cleaver, CBB founder and third-generation Oregon farmer, grew up on a potato farm in Nyssa and graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in crop science. Alan moved to the Hermiston area in 1975 and began building his farm and a family of agriculture-related businesses. Today, Alan and his family own and operate Columbia Basin Holdings, growing grass seed, sweet corn, onions, organic produce and industrial hemp, with a focus on sustainability and vertically integrated agriculture to care for the land and the people who rely on it.


Industry Leading Standards

We've been dealing with the FDA and USDA for decades, so we're not just prepared for industry regulation--we encourage it to ensure quality standards and product safety. To satisfy future regulations, we've built a system of enhanced traceability that gives us the ability to pinpoint details on any ounce of finished product, including crop origin and complete lifecycle and processing dates.


We practice Just In Time (JIT) extraction.

It gives us the scale to fill the largest orders on time, repeatedly and with consistent product each and every time. With a 40k sq ft biomass freezer onsite, many times orders can be extracted, refined and shipped the same day. Our integration results in fresh product that hasn’t been sitting on a shelf somewhere, stored in inconsistent conditions awaiting sale.


Our vertical integraton is essential to our success.

Because we grow, harvest, dry, extract and refine our own product, we're free from massive broker networks selling inconsistent (and often contaminated) biomass. Our integration virtually eliminates contaminants during typical production entry points, helping to ensure product purity. Our ability to control the genetics and strains of our crops offers long-term consistency for our long-term relationships. Year over year, what you buy will remain the same product, planted on the same farm, processed in the same way and refined to your specifications.


Uncompromising purity. Unprecedented scale.