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A trusted source for high-quality hemp-derived cannabinoids at an industrial scale.

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Temperature, humidity, and soil quality perfectly collide in the heart of the Columbia River Basin to create ideal climatic conditions to grow industrial, high-quality hemp that is consistently reliable and healthy. Columbia Basin Bioscience (CBB) is leveraging these gifts of nature to grow and harvest organic industrial hemp on an unprecedented scale – and at an unprecedented level of transparency – to produce highest possible grade of CBD isolate.

2000+ acres


Acres of home grown hemp



Square foot extraction facility



Square foot iso3clean lab



Pounds of biomass processed each day

Organic industrial hemp
CBD Isolate

Bulk CBD Isolate

Guaranteed 99%+ pure

Crystalline Cannabidiol Powder refined from Columbia Basin Biosciences’ fully integrated industrial hemp full-spectrum extract.


Bulk Full-Spectrum Distillate

Cannabinoid-rich oil

Formulations are available in a variety of carrier oils with organic options including hemp seed, grapeseed, custom options and more.

Large dryers
An ethenol-based cold extraction process
Columbia Basin BioScience TInctures

Bulk Broad-Spectrum Distillate

A perfect solution for compliant manufacturers

Our bulk Broad Spectrum CBD oil contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes found in our own hemp genetics and eliminates unwanted THC (0.0).


Bulk Crude

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Large dryers

Uncompromising purity. Unprecedented scale.